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10 July 2009 @ 03:17 pm
It's hard to believe but this is it. Already. It's been ages since I took off for Auckland, but in a way it feels like it was yesterday. I don't quite know what I'm feeling right now to be honest, in a way I'm looking forward having my own space again, my own room, kitchen, bathroom, taking clothes out of drawers instead of a backpack, not having to carry my stuffs around every other day, being able to buy loads of grocery since I won't have to carry them around the next day and no need to worry whether the milk is going to survive the bus trip or not, not having to wear earplugs at night, chosing what I want to watch on TV, using a REAL fluffy towel... Ah so many little details that you come to appreciate so much after a while on the road.

Still, it will be hard too to come back to what's going to feel like a strange country after all this time in my lovely Aotearoa. It's been feeling like home and I feel I might need some time to get used to living in Canada again. So many people for a start!, I grew quite fond of the smaller towns down here, Welly and its only few hundreds thousands of Wellingtonians was working well for me. And it's stunning waterfront as well, oh how my darling city will be miss...

I have been terrible at updating and posting pictures after a few months (even before that I think). I should write some more detailed entries about every places I've been to when I come back so I don't forget about all this in the end.

I'm spending my last couple of days in Auckland and while I was walking down Queen St this afternoon, stopping down for one last nice cup of coffee and a muffin I remembered how confused I was on my first days when they would ask you whether you wanted your muffin warmed up and serve it with butter and a knife on the side. Funny that now it would seem like the most logical thing to me. Using a knife just make it all easier instead of tearing your muffin appart with your hands for one, and warm muffins are just awesome and a whole lot better than a cold one. There, that's the whole mystery resolved there. That's funny that I would be so intrigued by their doing so the first week but actually go on serving warm muffins with knife and butter on the side a few months later to my customers in Wellington! Random, but I should write down some kind of "Kiwi facts" post, I remember scribbling a few observations down a paper somewhere.

Anyway, I'll come back and update this blog with the pictures of my last months in New Zealand since I've gotten way behind on that. I should make sure I write down about my trip somewhere so I don't forget about little anectodes, people I met and stuffs like that, it should keep my mind busy when I'm back and help me overcome the fact I'm there no more. Damn, I'll need to make sure I look on the other side of the street now to cross, and it's going to be weird to talk in french to people all the time, I seriously lost the habit!

See you on the other side of the Pacific guys.

Haere Ra Aotearoa ♥
Location: Auckland
Mood: sad